• Colon & Lung Detox

  • Supports Healthy Complexion

  • Alleviates Sinusitis

Product Features:

YI FEI QING HUA KE LI promotes clean and healthy lungs. Formulated by Guang An Men hospital of China, YI FEI QING HUA KE LI is traditionally used to relieve body heat; cough and excessive phlegm; minor pain and swell while maintains general health. The lung-cleansing feature enhances breathing and alleviates inflammation. Ingredients such as Astragalus support the heart, brain, kidney, intestine, liver and lung function; while Bellflower regulates blood flow and glucose, improves immunity and digestion.

Astragalus, Bellflower, Hedyotis Diffusa, Patrinia Herb, Agrimonia Pilosa, Fritillaria, Mondo Grass, Bitter Apricot Seed, Glehnia, Aster Tataricus, Platycodon, Dragonwort, Chinese Liquorice


Quantity Volume:

12 sachets / 10mg per sachet

Does not Contain:

Heavy metal; steroids; microbes; added colours, flavours, & additives; unknown compound


  • Consumption: Take 1 sachet before each meal, twice a day

  • Storage: Keep in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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