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Genopharma is in tune with the world’s evolving technology innovations to refine the best deliverables to people.

Quality Assurance

Genopharma believes in Quality Assurance (QA) to deliver comprehensive and safe produce to people. Thus, every cycle of produce pairs with a 2-tier COA (Certificate of Analysis), a reaffirmation by Quality Assurance in endorsing the required product specifications. The certificate also asserts the quality of our products is top-tier – free of harmful heavy metals, bacteria, steroids and other contaminants etc.

Cold Extraction

Also known as cold water extraction, Cold Extraction is a process in which a chemical compound or substance is extracted from a mixture via cold water. Cold Extraction is a fractional crystallisation, a method of isolating soluble solids from solvents, which are retrieved through changes in concentration or temperature.

Hot Extraction

Hot Extraction or hot water extraction involves substance extraction via hot solvent. In herbal medicine, it involves herb boiling to extract the heat insensitive compound substance. Some produce process includes initial Cold Extraction before proceeding to Hot Extraction.

Polymeric Adsorbent

Polymeric Adsorbent is a polymer which can absorb liquid, gas, and solid molecules. This process seals the herb’s active ingredient together, while discards the remaining non-active ingredients.


Biomedicine is a branch of medicine based on the application of biological and physiological principles. Also known as conventional medicine, mainstream medicine, or Western medicine. It is a medical practice system used by medical doctors and other healthcare professionals to combat disease by using remedies such as drugs, radiation or surgery.


Nanotechnology is the science of refining materials on an atomic or molecular scale, and this can be applied across all the other science fields including chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. Genopharma uses this technology where produce are broken down to nano-size before going through encapsulation and packaging.

Spray Drying

Spray drying is a method of converting a mixture in its liquid form to dry powder. This is the preferred method of drying thermally sensitive materials, where the process is done by removing the moisture component from the liquid solution by rapid drying.

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