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Our herbal based pharmaceutical & nutraceutical products complements with Western & Oriental Medical Practices in treatments and disease prevention. We believe in adding value to human health care. As such we see the capability in collaborative efforts with Medical Practitioners such as Medical Clinics, Hospitals, and joint cooperation of the National Cancer Council with Varsity in providing comprehensive accessibility in our health services for betterment of people. Hence, we are honoured of our produce’s conformity to MAL; HACCP; GMP; ISO22000 and HALAL standards.

The line of Genopharma’s potential products with capacity to be well paired with Medical Practitioner’s treatment can include:

  • Tritoduce (known for maintaining Cardiovascular health)

  • Elegance For Women

  • Wei Gang Su (Liver & Kidney Detox and Tonic)

  • Manjakani

  • Feminomax

  • Yi Gu (Osteoblast Support)

  • Q-Origin Liquid
    (Immunity Enhancer & Promotes Cancer Cell Apoptosis)

  • Feminine Gel

  • Beauty Cream

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