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Genopharma collaborates with Foxconn’s subsidiaries

2015, Malaysia – Genopharma’s REJU series is a collaboration project since 2014 between two of Foxconn’s subsidiary companies, Power-All Networks and NxEra.


Foxconn is world's largest electronics manufacturer, and the third-largest information technology organisation by revenue.


REJU is Genopharma’s second generation of product line-up consisting Wei Gang Su, Elegance for Woman, Tritoduce, Feminomax, Manjakani Plus, Beauty Cream, and Feminine Gel.


In 2015, Genopharma collaborated with Power-All Networks and NxEra once more to generate PXPGEN, a platform which enables small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to gain data analytics to expand their customer base and explore new online business opportunities regionally and internationally.

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