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Genopharma collaborates with Malaysian government hospitals

August 2007, Malaysia - Genopharma was officially appointed to supply herbal based supplements to Malaysia’s Government Hospitals and Clinics.


Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH)’s Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division appoints ITP Academy Malaysia (MM2H) Sdn Bhd ‘Genopharma’s subsidiary’ as a Malaysia’s representative to introduce several herbal products as adjuvant treatment for cancer.


Genopharma has provided to more than 17 general hospitals in Malaysia inclusive Kepala Batas Hospital (Penang), Sultan Ismail Hospital (Johor), Hospital Putrajaya; 20 Western clinics; medical centres; and 50 TCM centres.


The introduced products include RG3 Ginseng (previously Shen Yi Jiao Nang), Wei Mai Ning, Fu Ke Xiao Liu Wan, Ruan Jian Xiao Liu Pian, Jian Yi Ke Li (previously Jian Pi Shen Ke Li) and Yi Fei Qing Hua Ke Li.

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