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China Health News features Genopharma’s products

July 2010, Malaysia – Genopharma ‘formerly Genesis International Sdn Bhd’, was featured in China’s Academy of Medical Sciences’ publication - China Health News.


The Chinese-language newspaper is known for nurturing health-related knowledge such as promoting healthy lifestyles as well as boosting the development of health industry. 


Its target readers include government agencies, hospitals, research institutes, pharmacies, production organisations, key management personnel, industry leaders and the general public.


The aim of China Health News is to bridge comprehensive communication between government, business companies and readers.


Genopharma’s eight products were listed in the newspaper’s anticancer section, the products include; RG3 Ginseng, Wei Mai Ning, Ruan Jian Xiao Liu Pian, Fu Ke Xiao Liu Wan, Shen Qi Pian, Yi Fei Qing Hua Ke Li, Jian Yi Ke Li, and Jing Zheng Ping Gao.

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