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  • Pressure: 4-30 cmH2O

  • Working mode: S/T, with Target Tidal
    Volume feature

  • Ti(Time of inspiration): 0.3-3s

  • Sp02 monitoring

  • Real-time waveform of Pressure and Flow

  • Multi-languages

Product Features:

Display Screen: 

3.5 inches colourful LCD Display with Real-time Pressure & Flow wave display. All system settings, total operating time, and therapy hours will appear here.

User Buttons + / –:

These buttons can be used to turn on / off the system and change some of the system settings.

Power Indicator: 

When the device is connected to the power supply, the green indicator lights up.

Humidifier Controller: This controller turns the H60 heated humidifier on / off and allows the heat setting to be adjusted. The humidifier is an optional accessory that may be purchased separately.

Air Outlet: 

Connect the flexible tubing (coaxial 22 mm) here.

Humidifier Power:

This socket provides the power to the H60 heated humidifier.


  • 3.5-inch Color LCD Display Real-time pressure & flow wave display.

  • Eco-Smart Technology Eco Smart heating system with innovative dual water chambers design. Optimum humidity and temperature are delivered to the patient after travelling through the heating chamber. Accurate water quantity control, with real-time compensation. Eco-Smart warm-up, high efficiency, lower water bills.

  • Ti Min/Ti-Max Ensure inspiration time improve the treatment effect significantly.

  • Dynamic parameters adjustment. Multiple data retrieval(SD Card/ iCode II)

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