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Why natural herbal medicine

is the better option

Before the existence of conventional medicine; herbal remedies have been extensively used for centuries by people from all over the world.  As a matter of fact, most of the modern medicine today is based on medicinal herbs. Recently, World Health Organisation (WHO) has also reported that most of the people today prefer to choose the latter than the former. But why? Well, here are the FOUR main reasons.

1) Less side effects

Herbal medicines are natural plant derives has lesser side effects compared to synthetic chemical-based drugs. Though the conventional drug provides faster solution, the chemical in it comes in high concentration, thus it may result in plenty of undesirable reaction. Also, considering that the human body is biologically more organic, therefore it is more inclined to assimilate natural resources rather a synthetic one.


2) Cheaper alternative

In comparison with conventional treatment, herbal medicine is more affordable. Not everyone can afford to pay for costly medical expenses, which is why, herbal remedy is the cheaper choice.

3) Easily assessible

Herbal medicine’s vast availability is another one of its advantage. You can basically get it almost anywhere; from a local drug store to a supermarket, or even in your garden for some herbs are easy to grow. For example, paracetamol is known for its painkilling property, but did you know that wasabi, cloves, and turmeric also have pain-relief function?

4) Improves overall health

A single herb plant contains a gathered and harmonious combination of health benefitting compounds which are safer for human ingestion. However, most modern medicine extracts a single chemical substance from an herb, and used it to counter a certain illness. Herbal remedies on the other hand, utilises the whole herb plant and enable the biological components and its ingredients in it to work in a synergistic way with our bodies, thus improving our overall health.


In conclusion, herbal medicine is the better yet natural option and, GENOPHARMA cultivates this healthier solution as it provides a more fruitful and long-lasting result that will effectively improve a person’s overall wellbeing. Through our natural and herbal-based products, we aim to help the community lead a healthier and better lifestyle.


GENOPHARMA believes in Mother Earth’s natural plant extract over synthetically created material, which is why we want to make this natural and healthier option available and accessible to everyone. Thus, as a health-providing organisation, we are proud to be one of the natural and herbal-based health providers that contribute to the local, regional and international community.

Written & Edited by Genopharma's Marketing & Communication Team

Date: 1st March 2018

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