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Mask material:

  • Spandex breathable cotton

Product Features:

The mask filter adopts a three-layer structure to filter and is a medical grade mask, thus effectively preventing dust and flying foam. Comfortable to wear, packaged independently and easy to carry.

The three filter layers of the mask are as follows:

1. The first layer of spunbonded non-woven fabric filters large particles and prevents foaming.

2. The second layer of thickened melt-blown cloth, multi-composite and soft medical grade melt-blown cloth, authoritative certification bacteriostasis rate >95%, 3D three-dimensional structure filters fine particles and bacteria

3. The third layer of spunbonded non-woven fabric has the function of absorbing moisutre and filtering fine particles.

Package Includes:

2pcs x Mask

40pcs x Replaceable Filter

How to Use:

  • Take out the mask.

  • Usage 1: Insert the filter into the mask.
    Usage 2: apply the complimentary glue on places marked by dots at both sides of the mask; peel off the stickers on both sides of the filter, align the filter with the center part of the mask, and apply pressure to the adhesive to ensure firm adherence.

  • Place the mask on the face to cover the nose and the mouth, and secure it in place with the ear loops.

  • Pinch the nose wire of the mask around the bridge of your nose.

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