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Measuring site:

  • Forehead (Forehead Mode)

Product Features:

Main Features: 10 reading memory, dual scale, cpmpact ergonomic size, beeps when ready, jumbo display, replaceable battery, auto-off, 3 seconds reading

Measure time: Approximately 3 second

Measuring range:
Forehead mode: 34.0℃~43.0℃(93.2℉~109.4℉)
Object mode: 0℃~100℃(32℉~212℉)
Room temperature: 0℃~50℃(32℉~122℉)

Reference body site: 

Oral (This thermometer converts the ear temperature to display its "oral equivalent.")

Operation mode: Ear mode (Adjusted mode)

Response Time: 2 seconds

℃/℉ Switchable: Yes

Memory: 10 Memories

Auto-shut off: Yes


15.3cm x 4.1cm x 4.4cm (LxWxH)


  • STEP 1: You can press Mode BUTTON  to switch the mode between Forehead mode and Object mode.Press the Power  Button or the START Button, after showing of full screen, the thermometer is now ready for a new measurement.  If there is an abnormal, the Er1 or Er2 appears. 

  • STEP 2: The temporal artery is connected to the heart via the carotid artery. So it is designed to measure the skin surface around temporal artery, a major artery of the head .Aim the thermometer at the center of the forehead with a distance    of  2 to 3 cm and then press the START BUTTON.    Note: Do not remove the thermometer from the forehead before    hearing the final beep.

  • STEP 3: Read the temperature on the display.
    1.  If the temperature reading is below 37.8℃ (100.0℉), a happy face will be displayed next to the reading.
    2.  If the temperature reading is 37.8℃(100.0℉)or above, a bad face will be displayed next to the reading.

  • STEP 4: To prolong battery life, press the Power Button to turn unit off after testing is complete.  If no action is taken, the unit will automatically shut off after around 1 minutes.
    Store the thermometer in its protective case.

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