KN95, PFE>95, BPF>95

  • Grade Standard GB626-2006

  • N95 same standards with European FFp2

  • Material: Polypropylene

Product Features:

Filter performance – the filter is evaluated to measure the reduction in concentrations of specific aerosols in air that passes through the filter.

Test agent - the aerosol that is generated during the filter performance test.

Total inward leakage (TIL) – the amount of a specific aerosol that enters the tested respirator facepiece via both filter
penetration and faceseal leakage, while a wearer performs a series of exercises in a test chamber.

Inward leakage (IL)– the amount of a specific aerosol that enters the tested respirator facepiece, while a wearer performs a normal breathing for 3 minutes in a test chamber. The test aerosol size (count median diameter) is about 0.5 micro meter.

Pressure drop – the resistance air is subjected to as it moves through a medium, such as a respirator filter.


IMPORTANT: Always read and follow respirator user instructions.




  • KN95/N95 Mas

  • Hanging ear type Mouth Mask

  • Anti-Dust 3 Layer Mask

  • Isolate fog, mist and vehicle exhaust

  • Non-woven Fabrics Mouth Face Mask

  • Breathable Mouth Masks

  • Filtration Cotton Disposable Mask

  • Prevents flu, dust, pollen allergies

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